Wednesday, March 28, 2012

blooming of a flower

 This post is entirely dedicated to my dear friend someone is special  ( his blog few miles   )as he turns 25 today!!!
his writing has been a  source of  inspiration always!what I admire the most about his writing is that you will always see a reflection for his heart in the posts! I love reading them ( and surely you all too will :) )But more than this he has been a wonderful friend. and honestly you can find  posts on my blogs because of him only , coz he  has been the one  who pushed me into writing something! or else it would have been an empty page....

Wish  you a very very  HHAAAAPPPPYYY  BIIIRTHDDDAYYYY  my dear buddy!!!!!!
 As little token for the day I have composed this poem ,and its entirely dedicated to you  :D :D :D

Hope it brings a BIG smile on your face :D

so here I go .....


source: google

in the midst
of the subdued wilderness 
a flower
 bloomed with delight 

With its petals
 stained in purple
 It was yet
 to unfurl , slight

charismatically as it
 opens its twirls
it draws humming
 bees ,infinite

with each leaf unfurling
it grew
in its fragrance
galore and might

slowly as it 
pursues daylight
it is yet to unfurl
yet to ripe

after all it is a flower
of 'eternal life'

PS: personally , I often find it difficult to decode what a poem wants to convey here is my explanation of the poem.:-
  • I find a flower the most beautiful when it is partially bloomed, so this poem portrays a  flower is semi bloomed stage.
  • As the poem is a dedication  to my sweet friend , the flower represents him , rather his writings. His writings are just like a  flower yet to bloom completely, very beautiful!
Moreover this poem conveys a little  message for him too :
With each attempt your writings are getting better than the previous one. just like petals of  flower  they compliment each other.You have achieved  great heights , but that is not all there is a lot more to achieve ahead. Just like a flower yet to bloom completely. So keep working with your heart . Your writings are eternal , just like a flower...of eternal life...

Once again, Happy birthday my friend!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spin-a-Yarn : The Journals - Part 6

Hello everyone!!! this is the 6th part  of spin - a -yard series of stories.The preceding parts are:

United with his wife once more, he proceeded again to the oak wood table and breathing in the faint smell of vanilla lingering in the air, parted the spine of a journal and began to write.
image source:'quod vidi ' blog

Scribbling down those words in me, he slammed me down with anguish and pain  and  kept me back to the place that I possessed since long ,eternity!

I saw him going to his bed and dozing off to sleep!! just like the usual! PERFECT! just perfect .!!
the events were going on in perfect order , just like before.He scribbled down in me, kept me in his secret hiding place ,went to sleep ,  now, just the last of all remains! she will come to read me,she will have to come and read me, I know she will come.

I have been waiting throughout for this day to come , for this night to arrive, preserving all , his thoughts,his emotions, his love for her just for the very movement! He still loves her, so do I !,after all I am just a reflection of  his , we both love her.He doesn't have to write down what he feels for her,i can understand it all!, we have been together enough long for that.
I can see her approaching ! Yes , she did come ! didn't I said so??? I always knew it!

image source:google

She, wearing a loose white gown , with her long flowing hairs scattered loosely around her face, with pale skin,twink in her deep brown eyes ,had heavenly glow throughout her body  that lightened up the whole room!

I gasped at her beauty. She was epitome of pure, serenity .

Gingerly with a hint of smile ,she took me out in her arms , embraced me tight !she was oddly light ! she was complete in her body forms, but yet nothing!

image source:google

As she went past my pages and read the last entry , her deep eyes showed dark black sadness, but I could see no tears.

Oh! how much did I long for this happen ! I begged him to wake up! and see her , I wanted them to unite ! for that would complete me, I would witness a perfect reunion!, of a 'body' and a ' soul'! It would be so divine !

Ah! I can see him open his  old eyes! I see him interlocking them with  her yet forever young eyes!............

Sunday, March 4, 2012

when the journey means more than the destination

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 25; the Silver Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The topic for this month is 'When Journey Meant More Than Destination'.
Sitting on one of the seats of the waiting room with his head dug into the newspaper, he seemed to be least bothered about the world around him. fine lines of seclusion ran through out his forehead.his cheeks showed no traces of a 'smile' since a long time..Ravi's train was 2 hours late than its usual time, and he had nothing to do other than read to pass his solitary lifestyle.

 Newspaper long read,he was lost in thoughts regarding how his life changed in the past few years. Economic depression hitting the Indian markets,had turned him on the verge of a pauper. The financial crisis  which had drawn upon him , had drained all this money , lifestyle, status that meant a lot to him and which he had earned with so much of dedication, passion and hard labour of day and night. They were something  for which he had let go everything , even  his love 'Rashmi' .and now when the old age had beckoned him the downfall had hit him hard.

. His chain of thoughts broke when someone occupied the seat adjacent to him . Other than a slightly voluptuous body and a healthy glow form his face, they both seemed to be of same age.

"Hey are you Ravi, of St. Anselums College ?"
"Yes, how do you know ? " said Ravi turning his face towards the man beside him.His face showed signs of recovery .
 " are you ...mmmm....Ajay ?"
" Yes you are right !Its nice meeting you here" said Ajay hugging Ravi.
" its been soooo long since collage, must have been around 40 years or so since we have met!!!!! ": how are  you  and what are you doing here ? where are you off to? inquired Ajay with childlike delight.
" haha....too many questions together!! ...well I am going to Pune , my train is 2 hrs late, hence i am waiting here" answered Ravi.
" well, I am off to my daughters home, its been long since I met my grandchildren, I have finally got the time to visit them"
" wow ! that's great.." replied Ravi.
" hey do you remember  Mr gupta? our professor? you were his favorite, I don't know why but he used to stare at me a  lot!! ..hahaha....God Ravi, you were so studious "
" yeah, they were  old golden days , life was so much fun then, and yes, I remember you were one  who never took studies seriously ..It was a  mystery to me that how did you turn up to be a mediocre  because I always thought that you were going to fail! haha.."
"yeah , I enjoyed my life , I used to study too,but had more of fun !....and life is fun today too!!! "
"so , what did you do after collage? "
" well , I got into a job as assistant married....God blessed me with two children. I traveled a lot, saw the whole of India and a few place abroad too!! "
" I have been to many places too , but mostly for my business trips! "
" haha ..seriously ? well., I retired  around 5 years ago as a head of department, in the mean while I got my son and daughter married ! , I live with my son these days, he has two daughters ,and my daughter a son . Now my world revolves around my  wife and three grandchildren. In short I lived a happy life , despite all its ups and downs . .so this ends my story , what about yours? " said Ajay.
"well, after collage  i bagged a job  in one of the most prestigious firm of the nation , grew with time. Latter I left and opened up my own firm of share broking,and every thing is great since then.! "
"what about your personal life?"
"oh, yeah, i married a girl and have a son who lives in US"
"wow, you seem to be having a  great career and personal life! "
"yeah !"Ravi.
At heart he was lying , his wife and son  were busy in their own , enjoying with the money and living a lavish life, where as he was suffering every day !

" wow , time to leave now ! my train is going to approach the platform very soon. "
: vine meeting you , here is my mobile no. we will catch up soon! "
"sure friend , this is my no.  call up any time."

" Hey Ajay , do u remember Rashmi ? she  was our batch mate , do u know any of her whereabouts?"
"yeah , i do know her,and the matter of fact is she is love of my life wife too !"

train approached the station ...Ajay got into the train  and soon dissapeared with it

Mean while, Ravi was startled after hearing the fact! ....the world seem to be moving in slow motion , and he felt like being transported 42 years back !

"RAVI, you never loved me , the only thing you love is money and success. In future too it will never be us . you never have time for me.I will always second in your life.".
this is what Rashmi said before leaving him.!

PS:  Our life is a journey and old age and death our final destination. its an inevitable fact. what matters is the fact that how do we live it like.! many of us work hours together to achieve the materialistic lifestyle but forget  those who are really important to us. this is just a gentle reminder to every one ...after all its the journey that matters more...not the destination :)

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