Monday, February 6, 2012


" Dad look ...there goes another is just simmilar to our just a difference is has a kinnda anteena on its head...hey ...can i wave them hello...!!!!!!!!!...hahahaha..."

 There are so many ways to connect to people in this world. Its funny how can a little aspects of life can give it a whole new aspect to it. yeah, who can forget facebook , myspace and other social networking ways....but...apart from them .....there are many little ways through which do connect people....we may realise it or not, thats a different fact.

Ever realised that so many times we realte to people with just a common vehicle ???
or, a common dilect ?? ......or it might be even a common dress????...dont we???

We might built up relationships on journey to some where....or with a person sitting next to us in a bus. When we give a penny to a begger , we connect......when we buy a cup of tea form the tea stall ....we connect....when we feed a random street dog....we connect.......

I never undestand why do we ever say that we are lonely ?..why do we ever say that today people today live a life of solidute??? ..when we have so many of them around us ???

Many of our' known' relatives always come upwith some ' work' when we need them ...but  these anonymous relationships always stay the way they are. The matter of fact is these relations turn up to be more steady then the normal routine ones.......

We search the world..but why dont we just look around ourselfs ? ......

they are everywhere ......
All we need to do recognize them......


for today ...try a simple activity ...of saying  'hi' to any one you see but never held a conversation with......what you experience will be worth knowing...

Sunday, February 5, 2012


" All I look for
     a little deserted place.
and for my soul,
     a quantum of solace"

They had been fighting a lot lately .more then they ever talk . He was also sad probably but sum how things were not going on smoothly between them.Their relationship had  odd cycle since past two months, which mainly included  fights  and patch ups.the 'dry spells' were increasing their duration day by day.Some how all this was leaving a  very strong effect on her.She was strangely irritated lately. but only she knew it was just a way to hide her pain.

during their fights ,her sole companion was her diary ,which she wrote almost daily, religiously.
It acted as a place where she could release her inner self and be honest to others too.
her diary had been testimonial to their relationship.and even before that.....

today as she scribbled down those lines,it was clear, she wanted a solution, for she could not bear the pain he was giving her and going through himself too.she wanted a support to help her release the mental pressure.

As she was reading down the pages which preserved their first meetings and early happy days....she froze for some time... reread the page again and again. closed her eyes as if she was reading the page in her mind. HER face transformed form an expression of confusion and anxiety to serene and meditative......


" .........and then a hero came along 
with the strength to carry on .
and you can cast your fears aside
and you know you can survive
so when you feel like the hope is gone
look inside and bee strong.
and you will finally see the truth
that a hero lies inside you.............."

these were a few lines which Mohit had narrated to Aditi  as a way to fight back pain.
She understood the power of the lines today .

He who gave the pain also gave a remedy for it!!! 


 all of us undergo  pain during some or other point of time .Few leave , physical  visual scars ,while others are invisible emotional ones!. ..the remedy's are always present . some are simple medicines  while some need to be seeked in a different manner .Its a fact , most of the people who give us the injury often at some point of time do leave the aid for us , but very few actually accept it.

So , for this fortnight ....
realize the pain that you carry within your self. think about the cause  and then the solution for it.Try to reduce one burden from your heart! You will find a better place to reside .......!!!! :)